Client Spotlight: Liz & David’s Dream Trip to Iceland

Our readers know that from time to time, we like to swing the spotlight around, off of us, so that the light can shine brightly upon our clients. Today, we need two lights—one for our clients and one for the Travel and Cruise Authority who helped them plan the trip of a lifetime.

Client Spotlight: A Happy Retiree’s Bucket List Trip to the Cathedral of Siena

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in portfolio management and retirement planning is seeing positive results in real-time. At our firm, we believe strongly in the principles we preach, but it’s up to our clients to go out there and live life to the fullest. One client, Janet, recently did just that with a visit to the Siena Cathedral located in Italy.

Client Spotlight: A Happy Retiree Couple’s Journey Along The Appalachian Trail

My job is to help folks find a path to happiness in retirement. Time, experience, and curiosity have accumulated into knowledge that I try to impart to my firm’s financial clients, radio and podcast listeners, and readers. One of my rewards is hearing the stories told by the people who take this advice to the next level.