Client Spotlight: Liz & David’s Dream Trip to Iceland


Client Spotlight: Liz & David’s Dream Trip to Iceland



Our readers know that from time to time, we like to swing the spotlight around, off of us, so that the light can shine brightly upon our clients. Today, we need two lights—one for our clients and one for the Travel and Cruise Authority who helped them plan the trip of a lifetime.

The people of Iceland have a popular saying: Þetta Reddast! It loosely translates to “It will all work out okay.” As Americans, we’re sometimes slow to find the glass-half-full outlook, but we usually get there eventually. Often, it’s our happy retirees who show us the way.

Liz Rone was a software consultant; her husband, David, was a Facilities Manager for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. During their primary working years, they spent their vacations visiting national parks, hiking, river rafting, and skiing. These were fun, rewarding trips to mostly domestic locations. However, a desire to see and experience other parts of the world ultimately catalyzed their 2014 retirement.

Typically, the Rones opted to plan their own travel, but this excursion called for some assistance. So, they contacted The Cruise & Vacation Authority, an award-winning travel agency our team at Capital partners with, in Marietta, Georgia. The hope was that a company with more than twenty-five years of experience could create an international blueprint replete with the activities they enjoyed. And Iceland was at the top of their list!

They spoke with Danet Trafton, a Travel Specialist with forty years under her belt, promoting cruises and land programs. Danet’s favorite quote reads, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Often attributed to Mark Twain, the quote might actually be from H. Jackson Brown’s book, P.S. I Love You. Regardless of source, the words say plenty about Danet’s spirit and passion for travel. Liz and David were in good hands!

Several people had raved about Iceland to the Rones. They didn’t know the area but knew giant bus trips weren’t for them. They were interested in small group tours with options to exit, explore, meet the locals, and learn about the culture. Danet sent them a tour to review. After seeing that it met their exact requirements, they gave the green light. Danet helped book the tour, trip insurance, ground transportation choices, and even looked for flight options. What was especially helpful to the Rones was having one single person with whom to coordinate.

Iceland was a genuinely fantastic experience. Liz and David explored an array of waterfalls, hiked on a glacier, had a lunch and learn on a sheep farm, held a newborn lamb, ate homemade bread and slurped soup on a tomato farm, learned about volcanoes at the lava experience, visited outdoor hot springs, and soaked in the culture at several museums.




The tours that Danet recommended went far above and beyond the Rone’s expectations. Their personable guide/driver generously shared his knowledge with them daily. The food and accommodations were great.

All in all, the Rones could not have been happier with their trip planned with the help of The Cruise & Vacation Authority. And they aren’t done! Liz and David will be jet-setting again in Spring 2024, heading to Ireland in part to see the ancestral homes of Liz’s grandparents who immigrated to the USA from Ireland in the early part of the 20th century.

If you have retirement on your radar, or maybe you’re already there but struggling to find a purpose, learn from this story. Figure out what you want to do, and then get started. Do the necessary financial planning and discover who you want to be in retirement. If you need help uncovering it, our core pursuit finder is a great place to start.

We asked the Rones if they had any advice. They said, “Live the dream and enjoy every day.” Take it from them. They took the productive steps, and it all worked out okay. Þetta Reddast!

If you’re interested in booking a trip with our partner travel agency, reach out to your advisor for more information.

Please note, Liz and David have given us permission to share their story and photos.


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