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Wes Moss Shares Investment Decisions With GoBankingRates

In a recent feature with GoBankingRates, Wes Moss and other financial professionals revealed the best investments they ever made. The investment decision Wes Moss made is below. Planning for Retirement “My best investment decision was investing early and often,” said Wes Moss, a financial whiz and host of “Money Matters,” the nation’s longest-running live investment and personal finance radio show. “Since I started working, I’ve... Read more.


Mitch Reiner Recognized As Finalist for 2018 TIE Top Entrepreneur Awards

Capital Investment Advisors is pleased to announce Mitch Reiner, Chief Operating Officer, as an honoree for TiE Atlanta's Top Entrepreneur Awards. Reiner will be recognized alongside five honorees in the Upper Market Entrepreneurs category for this award. In total, thirteen Atlanta startups have been announced as honorees by TiE Atlanta. The honorees will be ranked and recognized at TiECON Atlanta, the annual entrepreneur conference hosted... Read more.


Wes Moss Featured In Bottom Line With Tips On How To Tweak The 4% Rule

How much can you withdraw annually from your investment portfolio in retirement without ever running out of money? For more than two decades, 4% has been the widely accepted rule of thumb, assuming that you have a classic retirement asset allocation of half stocks and half bonds. But with inflation rising, plus the possibility of a recession and bear market in the next few years,... Read more.


New Beginnings: Capital Investment Advisors Moves To A New Office

After nearly two decades, Capital Investment Advisors is moving to a new office. It’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us. Still, I have so many fond memories of our “old” building. I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the office back in 2008. At that time, it was being prepped for an addition. After days of heavy rain, the foundation had... Read more.


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