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Wes Moss Featured In The Entrepreneur Fund: What happens AFTER you reach financial independence?

In a recent article on The Entrepreneur Fund, author Scott Morgan compiles and analyzes financial advice from several popular retirement books including You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think by Wes Moss.  Here is an excerpt from what Morgan discovered. As many Get Rich Slowly readers have discovered over the years, the exercises and advice in Your Money or Your Life can transform your relationship with money,... Read more.


Wes Moss Featured On WAER Podcast: Can Money Buy Happiness?

It is a heavily researched question and the consensus is…yes, it can. One of the key benefits that money provides is safety and security. Having enough money eliminates anxiety when shopping or making large purchases. Money also affords you memorable life experiences that bring joy and happiness, allows you to help loved ones, and give back to your community. But just how much money do... Read more.


Wes Moss Featured On Investment News: An Update On The 4% Rule

Extending Bengen’s research on the proper rate at which to draw down retirement assets using 25 more years of data shows the rule can still work Those of us who have been in the financial advisory business for years can sometimes take established rules of thumb for granted – so much so that the nuances of such guidelines may get lost. Take the 4% rule.... Read more.


Capital Investment Advisors Ranks In The Atlanta Business Chronicle's '2019 Book Of Lists'

Capital Investment Advisors is proud to be named among Atlanta's top money managers and financial planning firms by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. According to the annual Book of Lists, Capital Investment Advisors ranks among the top 25 Financial Planning & Advisory Firms based on assets under management. The firm also ranks among the top 25 Money Managers in the city based on discretionary assets under... Read more.


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