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Mitch Reiner Featured In The Wall Street Journal

Her Goal Is to Eliminate Credit-Card Debt in About a Year. Can She Do It? A 32-year-old in Houston has a plan to tackle the debt. A financial adviser suggests some changes to that plan. Trang Dao, a 32-year-old lab tech in Houston, wants to get rid of her credit-card debt. Ms. Dao, who has a balance of nearly $17,000 total on three credit cards,... Read more.


Wes Moss Featured In Fox Business: Student Loan Forgiveness Raises Concern Over Impact On Inflation

Recently Wes Moss was featured in a Fox Business article where he shared his insights on student loan forgiveness and how it has raised concerns during the inflationary period. "For borrowers resuming payments next year, new provisions will reduce monthly payment requirements dramatically relative to income," Wes Moss, CFP®, partner at Capital Investment Advisors, said. "In some cases, the minimum monthly payment could be reduced... Read more.


Wes Moss Featured In GOBankingRates: How To Retire Happy

You might have been planning for retirement since the day you started working, socking money aside in savings, funding a 401(k) or investing in stocks to make sure you’re financially set for the day that you stop working and the years to follow. Now, you’re in great shape financially and it’s time to stop working. Congratulations! But can you answer this question: “How do I... Read more.


Wes Moss Featured In Forbes: How Inflation Affects Your Retirement Plans

With prices rising at a record rate, many retirees or people planning to retire soon may be increasingly worried about what sort of lifestyle they can afford. The good news is that the headline inflation number of 9.1% from the Bureau of Labor Statistics represents an average rise in consumer prices. Your own inflation rate may be different depending on what you buy and where... Read more.


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