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Money Matters Podcast
Since its debut in 1992, Money Matters was created to deliver objective and timely financial advice on WSB, Atlanta’s legendary, award-winning news/talk radio station. Now, in addition to airing weekly on WSB, Money Matters is available as a podcast, tailor-made for both modern retirees and those still in the planning stages. Hosted since 2009 by Wes Moss — CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, best-selling author, Forbes contributor, and managing partner at Capital Investment Advisors in Atlanta — and backed by the Retire Sooner Team, the Money Matters podcast aims to continue the show’s legacy of demystifying retirement finances. From dissecting the latest financial news to offering personalized answers to listener questions, the goal of Money Matters is to keep you informed and empowered. Our focus? Providing clear, actionable advice without the financial jargon to help 1 million families retire sooner and happier. Join us in this exciting new chapter, and let’s journey toward a financially secure and joyful retirement together.

As a seasoned finance professional, best-selling author, broadcaster, and teacher, Wes has done extensive research on the habits of the happiest retirees. On this podcast Wes shares key lifestyle and money habits you can implement now to prepare for a secure future while not depriving yourself of happiness in the present. In addition to leveraging his 20+ years of knowledge as an investment advisor, Wes brings in guests, specialists and our team of financial professionals to teach you how to set and work towards your financial and lifestyle objectives.

With over 1.3 million downloads and counting, the mission of the Retire Sooner Podcast is to provide real-life lifestyle goals without weighing listeners down with financial jargon and unrealistic money goals.

Wes Moss Podcast
Ryan Doolittle Podcast

As children, we’re all asked what we want to be when we grow up. We tend to see the decision as finite when it isn’t. The Happiest Retirees podcast refocuses the lens to ask, now that you’re grown up, what do you want to do? How do you want to reinvent yourself? Who do you want to be? By going straight to the source — the happy retirees themselves — we capture the essence and the stories of their post-career lifestyles. Where have they stumbled? Where have they triumphed? How did they discover the core pursuits and passions that get them out of bed in the morning?

Over the past decade, host Ryan Doolittle has worked with Wes Moss to research and produce two books, countless articles, the long-running Money Matters radio show, and his successful Retire Sooner podcast. He’s a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles. He’s been both unhappy and happy, and he prefers the latter.

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