Smart Investing: Knowledge versus Money

Whether you’re a young investor or approaching retirement, many individuals are concerned about the amount of money they are investing versus knowing what to do with it.

Knowing what to do with your money is the key, and can prove to be much more valuable than how much you initially have to invest. We spend our time educating our clients about Income Investing options. Beyond investments in stocks and mutual funds, it’s important to gain valuable knowledge on what types of investments make the most sense for your portfolio. It’s also valuable to develop a philosophy or approach to investing. Our approach is one that focuses on long-term gains because the market over the past few years has been so volatile.

Having a lot of money to invest can also prove to be either useless or risky depending on what type of accounts you choose for your portfolio. We recommend using a fee-only advisor and getting set up with an account through Fidelity, Vanguard, or Charles Schwab. We prefer these options because through years of experience we have found that they best serve our clients so they don’t get hit with fees that could eventually diminish the value that could have been gained with their portfolio.

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So keep in mind as you seek out ways to expand your retirement income or investments, that knowledge can prove to be more important than the amount of money invested.