Do I need to file and suspend now or can I just wait and apply at age 70?

We do not have access to your specific recommendations, but here are some thoughts. Whether you file and suspend your Social Security benefit today or wait to apply at age 70, your Full Retirement Benefit will grow at 8% annually until you are required to take your benefit at 70. The benefit of  the “file […]

My husband will retire in August 2016 at age 70 and begin collecting on Social Security. I am 61, turning 62 in July of 2016. Are there any benefits to my husband filing for Social Security before the deadline for these changes?

There are no real planning options left for your husband since he is turning 70 in a few months and will take social security at that time. Also, since you were not 62 by January 1, 2016, then the new law that goes into effect on May 1 did void your ability to file a restricted […]