Six Lessons Learned On The Happiest Retirees Podcast

It’s been six months since we launched the Happiest Retirees podcast. As the title might suggest, the mission was to find the world’s happiest retirees and ask them how they got so happy. The hope was that if we extracted the answers from the people who had them, we might be able to help others follow suit.

The Peach State Tax Update…(In Case You Missed It)

To say that my wife Amanda loves the musical Hamilton would be an understatement. I remember how excited she was when we went to see it live at the Fabulous Fox Theatre six years ago. My favorite part, aside from seeing how enraptured Amanda was throughout the entire performance, was the first song of the second act, Thomas Jefferson’s, “What’d I Miss.”

Maximizing Your Social Security With Mary Beth Franklin: Part One

Social Security is an absolutely crucial element of many retirement plans across the United States. Understandably, people want to know how to maximize their earnings, but wading through the dense rules and regulations can be overwhelming. I wanted to cut through the red tape and get some straight answers, so I brought in a ringer.