CIA in the Press

CIA in the Press - Wes Moss Writes for AJC

  CIA's Wes Moss has begun writting a weekly column for the the AJC. He will have his column posted on AJC's website every Monday and will also be available to answer questions on the site each Monday. Check out the blog here.... Read more.


CIA in the Press - Cutting Expenses

CIA's Wes Moss is quoted in a recent Smart Money article that suggets some areas that retirees can cut costs during the current economic environment. Check out the article and Wes's comments here.... Read more.


CIA in the Press - 2nd Quarter Recap

A multitude of events impacted the markets and the economy this past quarter, ranging from lawsuits against the 'golden' child of Wall Street Goldman Sachs to the ongoing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. With the events from this past quarter pessimism has again entered investors minds and the CIA Investment Committee takes a look at the recent wave of pessimism along with provinding some... Read more.


A Note from the CIA Investment Committee

The CIA Investment Committee has continued to stay informed on the issues surrounding markets over the past few weeks. Within this note the Committee explains the issues and we give our view on some of the important topics. Read our note here.... Read more.


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