Marisa Harris-Phang is the Producer of Video and Audio Content for Capital Investment Advisors and Wela. She learned about cameras and got her start in production through interning at her local church for two years in high school. She has worked with Wela since 2016 helping launch a number of different web series and podcasts. She also works behind the scenes at Capital Investment Advisors to create digital marketing pieces for various avenues like social media, podcasts, and websites. 

Marisa graduated with a B.A. in Film from Georgia State University. Amidst all the aspects of production, editing is what she enjoys most. She finds inspiration from new technology such as Youtube and Instagram which has allowed content creation to be put in the hands of many thus opening up a wider range of creativity.

Marisa was born and raised in the suburbs of Georgia. During her free time, she enjoys reading books by her favorite author, David Sedaris, playing video games, riding her electric skateboard on the Beltline and attending local concerts. She loves spending time with her family.

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