The Capital ReCap – Investing in U.S companies

In this weeks edition of the The Capital ReCap, the CIA team explores the benefits of investing in U.S. companies that have large exposures to the International markets. Read the ReCap here.

CIA Insights – CIA Speaks to GE

Wes Moss and Mitchell Reiner had the opportunity to talk retirement with GE at their offices on Windward Parkway. Check out the highlights and pictures of the discussion here.

CIA Insights – Five reasons YOU should stay in the market

Our Wes Moss talks about why the market is the place to be, even though some are letting fear make decisions for them. Wes highlights five reasons that support our belief that the world is not going to end and buying hybridized survival seeds is not necessary. Check out the published article here.

CIA Insights – Can You Take an IRA Deduction?

You can use this calculator to determine whether you are able to make a tax deductible contribution to your IRA. This will allow for you to put in multiple scenarios in terms of filing status, both you and your spouses income and also whether or not both you and your spouse are currently contributing to […]

CIA Insights – Killer Bees to Wall Street?

CIA’s Wes Moss writes about how Wall Street could be on the verge of being influenced by bees. No, not by killer bees, rather by the three B’s affecting the stock market. Read more to find out which B’s Wes is talking about…  

Services – IRA Calculator

ON THE AIR – ROTH Conversion – Is it right for you? On this week’s show (Jan 3rd, 2010) we discussed this very important financial planning topic.  It can get confusing, so for EVERYONE considering this as an option, check out this IRA to ROTH conversion tool from Charles Schwab.