The Fed Has Pummeled Markets – But Silver Linings Lie Ahead For Income Investors

If it feels like it’s been a painful year, it’s because it has been. There’s no way to gloss over a turbulent 2022. Virtually every investment category is in the red. Growth stocks, value stocks, long-term bonds, short-term bonds, and even precious metals have all had significant pullbacks. This year’s early bright spot, energy/commodities, has […]

Some Brief Thoughts On Iran (And Wars In General)

Given the Middle Eastern events of the past few days and global tensions rising, we felt it would be useful to provide some dispassionate views on how Capital Investment Advisors think about times like these. A few caveats: The past is not indicative of the future. In other words, this time could always be different. […]

2018 Second Quarter Market Recap

  All In All, An Okay Quarter Despite Some Continued Choppiness After an unnerving first quarter which saw a 10%+ correction, markets stabilized during the second quarter. That’s not to say there weren’t hiccups. Volatility is persisting at higher levels than experienced in 2017. The S&P 500 ended the second quarter positive by a few […]

2018 First Quarter Market Recap

  A Wild Ride Results in a Negative First Quarter The first quarter began as 2017 ended: a steady ascent higher with limited volatility. January posted a 7.5% gain as the effects of corporate tax reform began to emerge in earnings estimates for 2018 and beyond. Unfortunately, the trend did not last. Starting in late […]

2017 Third Quarter Market Recap

  Steady As She Goes: The Market Grinds Higher During The Third Quarter With Volatility Nowhere To Be Found Equity markets continued their steady ascent during the third quarter, as the S&P 500 registered a 4.5% gain. Once again little volatility could be seen. The largest (peak to trough) decline came in under 3%, matching […]

2017 Second Quarter Market Recap

  The First Half Sees Steady Rise For Stocks Coupled With Low Volatility The second quarter played out in a similar fashion to the first — new market highs with little volatility. In fact, the first half of the year experienced the second smallest drawdown (peak to trough decline) in history. During the first six […]

2017 First Quarter Market Recap

US Equities Post Strong First Quarter The Dow broke 20,000 for the first time in history in January, then briefly broke 21,000 during February. We presently sit in the middle. While these numbers don’t tell us anything directly, they do highlight the strength of US markets since the election.  Underneath, two primary factors drove market […]

2016 Fourth Quarter Market Recap And 2017 Outlook

Our President Elect Donald J. Trump Was The Fourth Quarter Headline The S&P 500 notched a sluggish start to the quarter, falling a little over 1% as investors feared November, 8th. Then came Election night. As it became evident Mr. Trump would become our 45th president, the S&P plunged 5% in the wee hours of […]

Trump Pulls A Stunner. What Does This Mean For Your Portfolio?

Election Day has finally come and gone with one final twist—a surprisingly easy Trump victory. While markets were down over 800 points in the wee hours of the morning, they have since stabilized at essentially flat-to-up compared to yesterday. This puts the market up over 2% for the week and dispels fears of a market […]

2016 Third Quarter Market Recap And Outlook

Third Quarter Registers Solid Gain Despite Some Banking Challenges The S&P 500 has continued to rebound from its worst ever start to a year, with each quarter seeing progressively better results. During the third quarter, the S&P 500 moved 3.9% higher, now up more than 7% for the year and 20% above earlier year lows. […]