Six Lessons Learned On The Happiest Retirees Podcast

It’s been six months since we launched the Happiest Retirees podcast. As the title might suggest, the mission was to find the world’s happiest retirees and ask them how they got so happy. The hope was that if we extracted the answers from the people who had them, we might be able to help others follow suit.

All Aboard! The Happy Retirement Train at the Santa Barbara Zoo

Drive about 90 miles north of Los Angeles along U.S. Route 101, and you’ll find yourself in the stunning coastal city of Santa Barbara, California. With a Mediterranean climate and scenic maritime vistas, it’s not too far from Point Conception, the natural dividing line between Southern and Central California. Visitors marvel at the Spanish architecture, […]

Let’s Get Started with Jill Smith Entrekin

The Happiest Retirees podcast debuted on September 19, 2023, and Jill Smith Entrekin was our very first guest. As the new kids on the podcast block, it was essential to start strong, and Jill’s performance was the bulging bicep we needed to flex our mission of helping families retire happier. What makes Jill a happy […]

The Happiest Retirees Podcast: Ready for Launch

Ten years ago, I found myself sitting in my car talking to a financial advisor. I wasn’t trying to move any money to a Roth IRA, although that would’ve been a productive conversation. No, I was listening as he explained in detail how he believed people could retire sooner and happier than they ever thought […]