Your Money & Happiness Quiz Results


Thank you for taking our quiz! See below to learn how you compare to other retirees along with feedback that might help you tune up your money happiness quotient.


Question 1: Do you feel like you have a well-defined understanding of your purpose in life?

Question 2: How many close social connections (people you would call on a very good and/or very bad day) do you have?

Question 3: How many activities and interests do you absolutely love to pursue?

Question 4: What is the value of your home?

Your Answer: “{What is the value of your home?:7}”


Home prices have gone through the roof over the past several years and in some cases are up over 50% since the pandemic. There’s no need for McMansions here, and adjusting for inflation HROBs (Happiest Retirees on the Block) have an average home price of $585,000.

Question 5: Are you married?

Question 6: How much do you financially support your adult children?

Question 7: How many years until you pay off your mortgage?

Question 8: How many sources of income do you have in retirement? (Ex. social security, pension, income from investments, rental properties, part-time work, government benefits)

Question 9: How much time a month do you or did you spend talking about your finances and planning for retirement?

Question 10: How much do you (or do you plan to) have saved for retirement?

Question 11: What kind of car do you drive?

Question 12: How often do you go on group vacations or travel with friends/couples?

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