Wes Moss Featured In AJC: New Survey Reveals Many Americans Are Financially Unprepared To Retire

Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently featured Wes Moss in an article discussing a survey that revealed many Americans are not monetarily prepared to retire. 

The survey was published by MoneyRates.com and unfolds the reality that many people don’t know if they can afford retirement and when they will be able to. 

“You know it’s coming eventually, but when retirement is on the horizon, many Americans discover they’re not monetarily ready to stop working.”

Retirement Calculator

Chief Investment Strategist, Managing Partner, and Senior Investment Advisor Wes Moss prepares clients for retirement daily. Wes says, “I’ve seen plenty of folks throughout my career who postponed saving for retirement (for various reasons) until they were in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s. They were able to catch up, and so can you”.

According to the personal finance website, uncertainty surrounding the future of Medicare and Social Security has only been added to by a large percentage of Americans.

To come up with the findings, MoneyRates designed the survey and selected global market research firm Op4G to administer it. Among the several survey questions asked of 1,000 Americans were those about their finances, which included plans for retirement. For the purposes of the survey, many results were separated into groups of 500 respondents each. One group included people ages 45 to 64 who are within 20 years of retirement. The other group included those who are 65 and older and had reached retirement age.

Read the original article here. 

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