The Caretaker Conversation: Panel Discussion on Post-Retirement Planning

Watch the videos below to see are recap from The Caretaker Conversation. A panel discussion hosted by Capital Investment Advisors.

About the event:

Age is confronting us all. We, our parents and our children are confronted with different points of view, areas of concern and issues that need to be addressed as age makes its way through our lives. We are bringing together a panel of relevant experts to discuss the factors that you are facing with your personal financial situation or a family member’s. Please join us as we bring together professionals from legal, healthcare, and insurance fields to enlighten and educate us on the many issues and options that we face.

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Some of the topics discussed in the video include:

  • How will Obamacare affect me as a retiree, small business owner, employee, etc. for the next year and ongoing?
  • What do I (my parents) need to include in a will and estate plan to ensure family can take care of me appropriately as I age?
  • What are my (my parents’) care options as I need to move out of my home?
  • How do I have the conversation with my children (parents) about making appropriate decisions regarding health and support?
  • How do I structure a will/estate plan to take care of passing my assets to my family in the most appropriate way?


Here’s a video replay from the panel discussion that Capital Investment Advisors hosted last week.