Thanksgiving Rendition

We spend a lot of time discussing the markets, the economy and how certain global events may impact all of these… and we do this because it is our job!

This week is always special; it’s one of my favorite holidays and tends to be very meaningful to many other individuals.

So, instead of breaking down the markets or forecasting black Friday sales and the impact it will have on retailers, I thought, as has been the case annually, I would touch on a few things I am thankful for within the investing/financial world.

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To start with, I’m thankful for businesses’ abilities to generate profits. Given the headlines and some of the headwinds we faced this year with regards to the political landscape, businesses have been our saving grace. Although arguments can be made on how companies are getting to their positive bottom line numbers, there needs to be some commending to them for their focus on returning value to their shareholders.

Secondly, I’d have to say (a little less investing related) that I am thankful for all the veterans and current servicemen in our country. During the debt debates and the government shutdown, Americans continued to be made aware of the sequesters that were in place. Too often through all of these discussions were talks of drastically cutting military spending. Expenses in this country have to be reduced via entitlement reform and other discretionary spending. As we begin to talk about the safety of our borders and the ability to maintain our world leader status, I think this is priceless. It’s sad that politicians have an easier time cutting defense spending than they do entitlement spending.

Third, I am thankful for the continued expansion and growth of the tech community. The technology sector was punched in the face in the early 2000s and has ramped back up quite well. The continued advancements in technology will continue to allow for businesses and individuals to be more efficient. Although this debate could be a double-edged sword with the other side arguing that technology is also putting people out of work, and that is the main negative. It is tough to argue that advancements such as going from not having any TV to now being able to watch it on a mobile device isn’t welcomed. The continued technological advancements will always be met with challenges, but they will also continue to provide efficiencies and opportunities at future wealth.

And finally, I am thankful for the people and media outlets with an objective view. I think that this is very rare these days, making it that much more special when it occurs. Investors today are met with an abundance of news outlets and types of opinions at their fingertips (one of the negative advancements of technology!). This causes much difficulty for individuals to make sound long term investment decisions.

Investors may not see the strain that this reliance of news media has on investment returns today, but the longer term effect of trading, rather than investing will unfortunately be felt over the long term. Unfortunately, this is due to the exposure to the media 24/7.

So as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we should all find things or people we are thankful for… that’s one of the reasons for the holiday. There is plenty for us to be mad about or reasons to be negative, but I challenge everyone to be spend the next week, at least, looking at the positives and being optimistic.

(All data used within The Capital Course was provided by Ned Davis Research)