Reiner’s Tip Sheet on ETFs and Junk Bonds

Every now and then, we prefer to give our clients an extra “peek” behind the scenes of CIA. In a discussion with Dow Jones, our team member Matt Reiner gave some helpful tips about ETFs.

Here are Reiner’s Important Tips about ETFs for 2012 and 2013:

1. CIA will remain bullish on global stock markets heading into a new year, the longtime portfolio manager for institutional and high-net-worth investors is hedging his bets a bit.

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2. Because of the uncertain growth across Europe and China along with looming U.S. federal budget deficit issues, markets will seem somewhat cloudy until at least early 2013.

3. Despite another huge round of economic stimulus announced by the Federal Reserve in September, we still believe there are enough moving parts to deflate stocks and cause increased volatility over the next several months.

In the midst of investing in ETFs, our team is now taking profits and reinvesting them in junk bonds. “In the past several downturns, high-yield bonds have tended to lead in selloffs,” he said. “So we want to be proactive with this asset class. Once equities start falling, it could be too late to get out without being burned.”

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