Build an investment plan that “fills the buckets,” identifying how much you need allocated to an income strategy to YIELD the income you need in retirement so you are not basing the success of your retirement plan on the outcome of equity returns and the stock market’s success. The income portion of the portfolio is built with assets that are highlighted HERE (Investing for INCOME). The assets that are not needed to fill the income bucket are rolled to the “Growth Bucket.” These assets are invested with a long time horizon in mind with the ultimate goal of capital appreciation. These assets will be invested in a fashion noted in “Investing for Growth.” The goal is for these assets to grow over time in a tax-efficient and strategic manner so that as inflation occurs, clients can move some appreciated assets to the Income Bucket to account for inflation and growing needs. Even before the INCOME bucket is filled, we must determine what amount of cash you need to cover emergency needs, short-term cash funding needs andSWAN (Sleep Well at Night) cash.