Moderate Risk Investment Portfolio

Q: For a retirement income portfolio with moderate risk, what are good products to invest in?

A: I will say that generally speaking we often recommend Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) over Mutual Funds to track favored sectors of the market through a diversified index of securities without paying for active management. ETFs and individual equities and bonds all carry either no fees or very low fees. If you are retired and looking for income, then saving on these fees can really make a difference. On the equity side of the portfolio, you may want to consider large, stable, well-known companies that pay a sizeable dividend (2.5%+). 

Here is a link to our income portfolio management approach, which is what you would be looking for, to see all the asset classes we use for income:

Retirement Calculator

However, I would not recommend someone without investment experience invest in some of these asset classes, such as closed-end funds and MLP’s just to name a few.  At this time, I cannot recommend any individual positions for your specific account. If you would like a free consultation with me or one of our Atlanta advisors I can certainly help with that.