March Madness and Your Money

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably been following the March Madness tournaments pretty closely and experienced the ups and downs along with the wins and the upsets as each game has been played out. Before each game you were probably rooting for a particular set of teams and feeling uncertain or downright anxious about whether or not they would win as you watched each game.

We can make a comparison between the ups and downs of the March Madness to the volatility we see in the stock market. The good news is, in investing, we have an advantage. Though we may feel uncertain at times, we can set expectations and take a proactive approach with our portfolios along with accepting that there will be volatility in the marketplace no matter what.

In an environment like this, we should remember to keep our expectations high while monitoring market volatility. Remember, volatility is a short term effect of uncertainty in a larger market and investing success is an outcome of our own long-term vision utilizing diversification.

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Uncertainty can be eased when we’re paying attention to the market and considering diverse investments in our portfolios. And when we speak “diversification”, we’re not only referring to a mix of stocks, bonds, ETFs, and other income investing vehicles; rather, we’re also speaking to the considerations that should be made to investing in other markets besides the U.S.

So we encourage you to put yourself in a position for growth by thinking long term, staying proactive, and setting expectations with a diverse portfolio. Click here for a detailed explanation of Market Uncertainty.