Investing in America: Why We Should Believe In The American Army of Productivity

Investing in America: Why We Should Believe In The American Army of Productivity


At the time of this post, I’m getting calls, texts, and emails from clients, friends, and family on both sides of the political race, all asking the same questions – what will we do if…

the Republicans win?

the Democrats win?

the Senate shifts?

there’s a stock market correction?

there is or isn’t a stimulus package before the election?

we do or don’t have a COVID vaccine this year?

It seems like the whole world is tied up in a knot of worry. But as much as the world hangs on these macro questions and gets caught up in the headlines, and as much wind as they create for overall markets on any given day – the fact remains that work in America, is still work. You’re going to cast your vote as a citizen, but as an investor in the U.S. economy, you have work to do, regardless of the headlines. And I believe the American Army of Productivity is the answer to the fear you feel right now.

Your company’s vision is still its vision. If you’ve got a job, you’re working for your clients or patients and giving them your best every day. You’re inching progress forward every day. The great American companies on the S&P 500 have millions of people working for them every single day, giving it their best. That unstoppable inertia is the driving force that pushes our economy to new heights over time.

It starts in the mind of one person, one human who wakes up every day and asks, “How do I get through this day and do the best I can for my company and myself, which ultimately feeds my family.” Multiply this daily act by about 150 million people in this country – the size of the entire US labor force.  That collective mindset is an army of progress. The people who go to work every day to make this the most powerful economy in the world. It’s so powerful at making us all a little bit better, moving us a little bit forward and operating a little bit smarter and faster every single day.

How we can confidently continue to invest through these scary headlines? Because today’s stories and worries are no match for the American Army of Productivity that keeps our economy marching on every day. We are all part of this unstoppable force.

Bottom Line

It might not be a perfect alignment, but every company wants to grow, and every human wants to feed their family. When these two goals overlap it creates the harmony of progress and the growth of earnings for our great American companies over time.

No election can stop it.

No stimulus package or lack of one can stop it.

No pandemic can stop it.

That’s why I keep investing in the U.S. and continue to believe in the power of working Americans.


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