Introducing CIA Success Stories

Capital Investment Advisors Success Stories

Dear CIA readers, we’ve got something new for you! If you love reading our blog then stay tuned for our monthly feature – The Success Stories series. Each month we’ll be bringing real stories that our advisors have shared client successes. We can all learn a little something from success, so treat the Success Stories series as a guide to help you learn about what’s going on in the lives of everyday people like you who came to us for advisement and gained results toward their financial goals.


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Keep in mind, our goal here at CIA is to help you Sleep Well at Night (SWAN). It’s our commitment as a firm and we love sharing and hearing successes. Contact us with your success stories that have resulted from an advisor that helped you toward your goals, successes with income investing, or any other story that just makes you feel good.


Please note, nothing in the Success Stories series should be considered financial advice. Everyone’s individual situation varies significantly and we always ask that you reach out to someone on our team to advise you on your particular circumstances.