How to Sleep Better in Uncertain Times (Coping with Stress and Anxiety) with Dr. Melissa Milanak

Many of us are experiencing interruptions while we sleep whether that’s due to these uncertain times, stress, anxiety, too much screen time, or behavioral habits. In this interview, Dr. Melissa Milanak debunks the most common myths on sleep, tips for better rest, why we may be having trouble falling asleep, how to take control of our sleeping patterns and more.

Dr. Melissa Milanak is a licensed clinical psychologist, executive consultant, and keynote speaker specializing in improving workplace effectiveness and quality of life by helping professionals develop a mindset focused on successfully overcoming various work and personal challenges. She founded MIND Impact Consulting (, transforming her passion for helping others succeed and her research and clinical expertise in anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, and trauma into effective practical application for business executives and their organizations.

Melissa’s article on stress and anxiety:

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