How to Join & Participate in our YouTube Live Events

At Capital Investment Advisors we enjoy hosting live events for our families, whether they are in person or online. Please use this Q&A page for reference on any questions you may have about our upcoming online events. Keep in mind, you don’t have to sign up for YouTube to watch, but you would need to login to ask questions during the event.

How to log into YouTube

YouTube is actually owned by Google which means that if you have a Gmail/Google account then you can log into YouTube using that information.

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When you go to in your web browser, click on the sign-in button on the top right.

Find more detailed instructions here.

How to leave comments on a YouTube video

After you have logged in to your YouTube account, search for you the video you’d like to comment on on Capital’s YouTube page. Then tap the “Add a public comment…” text field underneath the video. If you’re watching on your mobile device, you’ll see it near the top of the “Comments” section, just right of your Google Account’s profile picture. Your phone’s keyboard should appear on-screen.

If you want to reply to an existing comment instead, tap the comment.

For our live streams, there will be a live chat box for you to leave your questions and comments during the event.

Find more detailed instructions here.

How to subscribe to our channel

We would recommend after you’ve logged into YouTube that you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can easily find the video the day of the event, and you’ll see all our latest videos that we post.

Click here to subscribe.

Please let us know if there’s any other questions we can answer for you and we look forward to seeing you all virtually!