How To Add The Wes Moss Financial Flash Briefing To Your Alexa

You can add the Wes Moss Financial Flash Briefing to your Amazon Alexa to hear a 30-second daily market and economic update Monday through Friday. Simply follow the below steps to enable this skill, and then ask your Alexa for your flash briefing.

Method 1

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Using Voice Command

Say “Alexa”. Say the wake command to wake Alexa and she will begin listening for your next command. The default wake command is “Alexa,” but if you’ve changed it to “Echo,” “Amazon,” or some other command, then use the wake command you previously set.

Say “Enable Wes Moss Financial Flash Briefing”


Method 2

Using the Alexa App

Open the Alexa App. It’s the light-blue app

Tap . It’s in the top-left corner. This opens a pop-out menu on the left side of the screen.

Tap Skills. It’s near the bottom of the menu in the third section of options.

Find Wes Moss Financial Flash Briefing in the store.

Tap on the skill to add. Tap on the skill you want to add to see more information about the skill.

Tap ENABLE. It’s the large blue button at the top of the page, just under the skill’s rating. This enables the skill on all of your Alexa devices.


Method 3

Using the Amazon Website

Go to in a web browser. In your preferred web browser, go to amazon’s full desktop website where you can manage your Alexa’s skills. Log in with the email and password associated with the same Amazon account you used to set up your Alexa device

Hover the mouse over Departments ⏷. It’s near the top-left corner of the page just under the Amazon logo. This will open a drop-down menu with additional options.

Scroll down and click Echo & Alexa. It’s the fourth option from the top of the drop-down menu. This will expand the drop-down menu on the right.

Click Alexa Skills. It’s in the far-right column of the drop-down menu under the “Content & Resources” heading.

Search for Wes Moss Financial Flash Briefing. You can search for skills in the search bar or click one of the categories on the left-hand side of the page.

Click on the skill Wes Moss Financial Flash Briefing. Click on the icon or title of the skill to see more information about the skill.

Click Enable. It’s the yellow button on the right side of the page. This enables the skill on all of your Alexa devices.