How Do Fee-Only Advisors Charge?

At Capital Investment Advisors, we are a fee-only firm. Specifically, our management fees are annual and billed quarterly to our client’s accounts.

Fee-only is not be be confused with fee-based or commission-based advisory firms. As a fee-only firm, we do not get paid commission based on the products we sell. We prefer this approach because it creates an atmosphere of our team providing objective advice based on looking at the entire universe of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investments without being swayed by any personal benefits from certain investment options.

How do fee-only firms charge?
Often, fee-only firms (including CIA), charge a client fees based on the percentage of assets that are managed and debit the fee out of the client’s account each quarterly. Some fee-only advisors may also charge an hourly rate.

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At CIA, our fees start as low as 1% and the fee may decrease slightly depending on the size of the investment.

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