CIA Success Story

In today’s CIA Success Story, we share a story about a recently retired airline employee who wanted to figure out how he could continue to afford his current lifestyle throughout retirement. He had a specific interest in working with us to come up with a strategy that would allow him to generate multiple streams of income during retirement. His goal was to use his investments as a source of additional income as he prepared for life after retirement.


The Question

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How can I generate multiple streams of income from my investments?


The Scenario

The recently retired airline employee decided to roll his 401(k) over to his IRA. From there, he needed help in evaluating what more he could do with his investments to supplement his current lifestyle in retirement. He came to us wanting to figure out how to create multiple streams of income. 


How We Helped

After numerous personalized meetings and working together, we were able to show this retiree how to generate a specific income off of his investments and feel confident in knowing that the income would supplement his lifestyle throughout retirement. The option recommended for this retiree was to look at an income investing strategy. After determining the amount of cash he needed to cover emergency expenses, short-term cash funding needs and SWAN (Sleep Well at Night) cash; we evaluated his portfolio to determine if his investments would be in a “Growth” or “Income” bucket, and we assessed the level of risk.


If you currently find yourself in a similar scenario, here are a few questions to ask an advisor:

1. When is the best time to roll over my 401(k) to a IRA?

2. How much money do I need to live off of for a happy retirement?

3. How can I develop a personalized income investment strategy?


Preparation for Retirement

Never feel that you are alone going through this transition to retirement. If you are anxious and need a secure income investment strategy, we are trained and committed to guide you step-by-step through the process. If you aren’t ready to meet with an advisor, you can do your own research but make sure you get information from reputable sources.


The Takeaway

This retiree trusted the knowledge of our team, and now feels confident with generating multiple streams of income while fully retired. Over the past year, he learned how to supplement his income and live comfortably.