CIA Success Story: How To Invest After You’re Debt-Free

In today’s CIA Success Story, we share a story about a physician who worked expeditiously to become debt-free. The physician came to us because he needed help with investing his extra cash flow and creating a money management plan that would be simple and easy for him to manage moving forward.


Retirement Calculator

The Question

How much should I save for long-term retirement?


The Scenario

After paying off his student loans, the physician was debt-free. He now has extra cash and needs help in determining investment options that will help him grow his investments.


How We Helped

Sometimes clients need personal and in-depth consultations when making important financial decisions. When dealing with money it’s important to have the knowledge of all investment options, so you can avoid a costly mistake. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you have extra cash flow to invest:

1.       How can I create a money management plan that is easy to manage?

2.       Which plan has the best return on investment for long term retirement?


Providing Clarity

For this physician, we determined that the fifteen-year plan was the best for his situation and explained the best type of insurance to ensure him and his family. It was a specific plan that will help him work toward accomplishing what he wants.


The Takeaway

When you need guidance and feel that you are pulled in many different directions, contact a qualified advisor. Providing personal guidance is what we love to do.