CIA Announces the Retirement Calculator

In recent weeks, we rolled out a retirement calculator to help people like you — individuals seeking smart investment options and planning ahead for retirement. Using the Capital Investment Advisors (CIA) Retirement Income Tool is the first step to help you plan for retirement. 

While most financial planning tools focus on hypothetical rates of return to dictate success in retirement, we focus on your true income needs in retirement as the basis for your investment strategy.

The tool works backwards to understand the differences between retirement income and retirement expenses, then outlines what an investor needs to save annually (if anything) to achieve their goal.

Retirement Calculator

Once you know the income level necessary to live life the way you want, the goal is to build a portfolio comprised of a mix of assets that actually YIELD the investor a consistent flow of income on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to fill your Retirement Income Gap.

Click here to access the free Retirement Calculator and then contact someone on our team to assess your results.