Cashing Out of Investments

Q: I cashed out of an employee stock purchase (ESPP) plan through my previous employer in 2015. After that, I placed the proceeds in savings and the options I am exploring are:

  • Invest some of that money in an investment vehicle to reduce 2015 tax burden.
  • Put the rest in an investment vehicle that allows for some level of self direction allowing me to profit when the market is up or down (including commodities, currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.).

I have no other active investments. Do you think this would be a good investment option for me?

A: Regarding your 2015 tax burden, there are only a limited number of options for addressing prior year tax concerns. This includes buying tax credits, such has historic tax credits or low-income housing tax credits. Most tax strategies are best if employed in the current year in which you need the credit. We would be happy to discuss any investment needs that you have. Our role is to advise and invest our clients’ assets on their behalf. If you would like to direct your own investments, we would suggest a low-cost firm such as Fidelity Investments or Vanguard Investments.

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