Does a Bonus Annuity Make Sense?

The Catch Most people like free stuff.  I know I do!  Think of the late night television commercials where the charismatic pitch man says, “Call within the next ten minutes and receive not one, but two of [insert whatever useless item you don’t really need].”  Sound familiar?  Maybe you’ve even attended a “free dinner” only […]

What Are The Main Types Of Annuities?

When the market gets a little volatile, I notice an increase in the number of questions I receive on annuities.  Fear is often a motivator for people considering purchasing an annuity; however, I find a vast majority of investors have a limited understanding of the products they are being offered, or worse, investments they already […]

How Much am I Really Paying for My Variable Annuity?

At Capital Investment Advisors, we often meet with investors who previously purchased an annuity and want to know, “How much am I really paying for my variable annuity?” As fee-only investment advisors, we are constantly reminding our clients to be sensitive to investments with additional fees on investment performance.  And, quite frankly, it’s hard to […]