Why We Feel the Pain of Loss More Than the Joy of Gains

99.6%. A number I will forever hate. A number that will haunt the dreams of many in the city of Atlanta. 99.6% was ESPN’s official “win probability” for the Atlanta Falcons over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51. In the 4th quarter this statistic scrolls across the bottom of the screen and will […]

Trust In The Trust: The Importance Of Having An Estate Plan In Place

Written in collaboration with Beth Gilchrist from Norris Legal Atlanta Law Group, LLC. Don’t Leave a Mess Behind Death. Not a topic that typically comes up at the Fourth of July grill-out, right? In fact, humans don’t like to think about death; much less talk about it! According to Pew Research, only 37% of Americans have given a […]

Should I Pay Down Student Loans Or Contribute To My 401K?

Airports can be an interesting place to meet folks. Just last week as we were starting the journey back from Thailand, I struck up a conversation with a young couple in the Phuket International Airport. Turns out, they also lived in Atlanta working as doctors fresh out of residency. When I told them I was […]