A New Market Conundrum

We have a question for you, if you had $1,000 to invest in any economy which one would you choose: the United States or Spain? For us this isn’t where the challenge occurs, because for us it’s a simple answer: the US. However, that’s not what the bond markets are telling us. And that creates quite a conundrum.

Many would consider the U.S. is a better economy when compared to Spain…hands down. But bond markets are telling us the opposite… that Spain is better than the US. Yes, Spain has the European Central Bank (ECB) and other strong countries such as Germany supporting its economy a little, but this shouldn’t mean a yield that says Spain is stronger than the US.

Remember the PIIGS? Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and SPAIN. Yes, we can’t live in the past, but do we truly believe that the Spanish economy ahead of the US?

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So here’s what we’ll caution you to think about as you look ahead – investing in bonds short-term might yield you some results. And we do encourage you to look at the international market. But ensure you’re discussing the variables and levels of risk with an advisor and review historical data before jumping in. This is what will keep you on the cutting edge as a savvy investor who can see behind the curtain of what appears to be an unpredictable market at times.