Wes Moss on Channel 2: Gas Prices Going Down or Up?

Have you noticed the decrease in gas prices lately? Investment strategist Wes Moss tells Channel 2 Action News that the price drop is linked to the decline in crude oil, which has been triggered by slack demand and global uncertainty.

Moss believes the bottom that we should expect to see in gas prices may have arrived. “We’re in a slight slowdown, but not in a global recession, so I’m a believer that oil doesn’t go much below where it is today,” Moss said. Over the past week, there is a major breakthrough in the price that local convenience stores pay for gas. The Friday morning price was near $2.60, which is exclusive of taxes and transport charges. That was the lowest price since before Christmas 2011. For now, drivers are very happy and should continue to take advantage of the low prices at the pump. Please follow this link for more information:

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Wes Moss also appears in this recent interview with 11 Alive News about gas prices hovering just above $3 per gallon. Click the link below to watch the full video.