Investment Tax Planning

Your financial strategy should encompass both your investment strategy and your tax planning. Working with Capital Accounting & Tax (CAT) will ensure that you are maximizing your overall net after-tax returns.

Tax codes and regulatory laws change constantly. This can make it difficult to stay up to date, and even increase the risk of inaccurate tax filing. Capital Accounting & Tax will provide superior tax and financial guidance to help you understand the changes and ease your financial worries.

You will have direct access to the expertise of Capital Accounting & Tax. With our offices located in the same building, we make connecting these two important financial strategies simpler.

Visit Capital Accounting & Tax’s website for additional information, and to schedule your appointment today.


Services Offered By Capital Accounting & Tax:

  • Corporate and Individual Tax Compliance and Planning and Services
  • Outside Controller
  • Virtual Accounting Department for the Small Business (and Owners)
  • Outside CFO/Financial Business Consulting
  • IRS and State Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Audit Defense
  • Creative Tax-Saving and Credit Techniques
  • Financial/Retirement Planning Estate/Succession
  • Planning State Local/Sales/Use Tax Consulting