Moss Featured in Vanguard: Happy Retiree Secrets

What did Wes Moss learn from the 1,350 responses he received from his retirement survey? In this Q&A style interview with Vanguard, Wes Moss shares tips on how finding core pursuits, getting rid of your mortgage, and have multiple sources of income are a few of the factors that can lead to a happy retirement.

In his interview, Moss shares:

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“The happiest retirees are masters of the middle. They don’t live on the cheap. However, they’re not shopping at high-end department stores, either. It’s really about not being completely ridiculous with your money.”

Here are some of the top questions that Vanguard posted in the interview.

  • What surprised you the most in the results of your survey?
  • In your book you mention that “core pursuits” are important to a happy retirement. What are core pursuits, and what role do they play in retirement?
  • How great a role does pre-retirement planning play in a happy retirement?
  • What else can people do while still working to ensure a happy retirement?

To see Moss’s response to these questions, read the original Vanguard article here.