Mitch Reiner Gives Suggestions on Rebalancing Your Portfolio

Our Chief Investment Officer, Mitchell Reiner, recently shared some insights with about how investors can rebalance their ETF portfolios before the end of the year.

As the end of the year approaches, having a phone or in-person meeting with your financial advisor might hugely benefit your investing goals before 2015.

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In a recent interview with, Mitchell Reiner shared these tips on what you can do to rebalance your ETF portfolio before year-end. Here are the top three tips:

1. Review your portfolio to determine if it has met your objectives for the year. If not, reevaluate some other options.

2. Divide your assets into “growth” and “income” assets.

3. Ensure your “growth” assets track market indexes net of fees; and your “income” assets generate a predetermined income stream that you establish.

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