Matt Reiner’s Tips to Dow Jones on Schwab ETFs

In a recent interview with Dow Jones Newswires’ Murray Coleman, Matt Reiner shared that he’s likely to start using Schwab ETFs now for client portfolios.

Reiner’s decision was made in the best interest of clients but also depends on whether BlackRock’s (BLK) iShares will make similarly aggressive price cuts. According to Reiner, “Our staff has been preparing a list of the most-likely BlackRock cuts in expense ratios. It includes ETFs tracking benchmarks tied to diversified emerging markets and high-paying dividend stocks.”

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In bonds, Reiner sees BlackRock slashing fees on its total bond ETF as well as U.S. short- and intermediate-term ETFs. “If they can become more competitive with Vanguard and Schwab in those areas along with popular sectors such as financials, utilities and consumer staples,” Reiner told Coleman, “then iShares will have created a much more level playing field.”

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