Matt Reiner in WSJ: Advisers Look Past Market Turbulence

“Instead of trying to time market peaks and troughs, now might be a good time to put available money to work in funds that focus on underperforming parts of the market, like international stocks,” Matt Reiner recently stated to the Wall Street Journal.

This was Reiner’s suggestions for investors to consider in a recent interview with WSJ. Now that stocks are back at record levels but momentum appearing to wane, advisers are plotting their next moves.

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According to WSJ, even more value-conscious advisers are telling their affluent clients to not overdo any portfolio alterations in the face of waning market momentum. Some advisers are recommending that their clients to a more measured approach due to market uncertainty.

Reiner goes on to say an ETF he is recommending to some is the PowerShares International Dividend Achievers Portfolio. It has a distribution yield of 3.9% and favors consumer-related stocks.

“We’re telling investors to wade back into stocks if we see a 5% pullback,” Mr. Reiner says. “If markets keep falling, then we’d advise them to ramp up that process. But they need to stay disciplined and not wander too far away from their longer-range allocations.”

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