Matt Reiner Comments on REIT Popularity

Stock real estate funds have been performing well for about five years now, but real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are doing even better. 


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In an article featured in Business Insider recently, Matt Reiner honed in on 1 of 5 smart insights for Financial Advisors.


The top five insights were:

1. Aiming for mediocre returns
2. Pay attention to the NYSE Margin Debt
3. Follow REITs, they’re generating double digits
4. Visible risk is back
5. Add collectibles to investment portfolios


Reiner commented on the latest performance with REITs:


“Despite their run, REITs remain attractive to income investors,” said Matt Reiner, Chief Investment Officer at Capital Investment Advisors. “But we warn our clients that funds using stock REITs are very different animals than those buying mortgages.  “Compared to Treasuries, mortgage REITs are paying much better yields—and we don’t see that trend reversing soon.”

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