Mitch Reiner Comments on Closed End Funds

Closed-end stock funds are finding their potential with veteran investors who see their current average discounts as an opportunity. In an article from, the potential of closed-end funds are explored for their new potential as higher yielding options.  CIA’s Mitch Reiner comments on their potential and their risks.

“Closed-end stock funds can be more volatile than traditional stock funds, and knowing when to buy and sell is key”, says Mitchell Reiner.

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Reiner suggests investing in funds when their discounts are above their peer group or long-term average. If their prices spike to a narrow discount or premium it may be time to rotate into cheaper funds. And it’s important not to panic if the share price dives temporarily due to a broad market sell-off, for example:


The Six Leading Closed-end Funds to Consider

1.  Adams Express
2.  Tri-Continental Corp.
3.  Royce Value Trust
4.  AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund
5.  Virtus Total Return Fund
6.  Macquire Global Infrastructure Trust Fund


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