Emerging Market ETFs on the Rise

Mitch Reiner was recently quoted in an interview with Investor’s Business Daily on the recent movement of Baisc materials and emerging market ETFs, particularly Materials commodities, moving from worst to first this year.


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The uptrend should be sustainable through the end of the year, says Mitch Reiner, “But we worry about a global economic recession, with Europe, Great Britain and China all showing signs of slow or no growth.”

The ETFs floated to the top of the leader list Friday as investors dove into risk assets head first Friday, following the Federal Reserve’s jump into the liquidity pool. Treasury and other fixed-income ETFs lagged the most as investors dumped safe havens. The dollar plunged to a 10-month low.

Copper and the producers severely underperformed most commodities and the market this year before finding a floor in late July. COPX has rallied 32% off of its 52-week low. But it’s up only 1.5% year to date and it’s lost 9.27% over the past 12 months, while the MSCI World Index is ahead 14.4% and 20% over the same periods, according to Morningstar.