Ely Gives WSJ the Outlook on Energy MLPs in 2013

With the fiscal cliff looming over the U.S. economy, many investors have been concerned and many are overlooking opportunities that can drive U.S. growth in 2013. The energy sector is one of those opportunities, and Ryan Ely (Investment Advisor at CIA) recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal with his outlook on making investments in the energy sector.


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Ely works with a number of clients and feels confident heading into 2013 having invested client’s funds into energy across the spectrum, including downstream, upstream, commodities and wells, royalty trusts, stocks, and exchange-traded funds.

For retirees, Ely has invested in MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships) which allows investors to have a significant after-tax savings benefit. MLPs, along with Royalty Trusts, are two ways that Ely is operating CIA’s philosophy of creating income investing opportunities.

Accordingly to Ely, “If you think we normalization coming in natural has prices, which we really believe we do, there’s a lot of value to be unlocked in some of these royalty trusts.” Ely goes on to say that royalty trusts, while not as predictable as MLPs, offer direct exposure to the prices of commodities, such as oil or natural gas, inflation protection and an income stream.

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