CIA Sponsors Atlanta Hub of Global Shapers to Host Global Learn Money Week

The Atlanta Hub of the Global Shapers is set to take part in a world-wide financial literacy campaign involving hundreds of young people on three continents. Just 1% of the world’s children have access to financial education while the need for financial literacy is more significant than ever before. Because of this, the Atlanta Hub of Global Shapers, a group created by the World Economic Forum, is unleashing a week of fun money activities and games with young people. Learn Money Week is being coordinated with events across the globe including the UK, US, Nigeria, Germany, Turkey, and Italy.

The Atlanta Hub of the Global Shapers will work with 200 kids in 4th and 5th grade classrooms at Deerwood Academy on March 20th teaching some basics of financial literacy including money and responsibility, the value of a dollar, short and long-term savings, and earning. Through this program, the chapter hopes simply to bring awareness of these topics to kids when they are just beginning to create associations around money, and give them some tools to start off savvy.

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According to Global Shapers member Darrah Brustein, “We are working with community corporate sponsor Capital Investment Advisors to provide each child with a book from Finance Whiz Kids to take home and use with their parents.” Brustein continues, “We really want them to continue the lessons at home that we begin with them.”

According to Global Shapers member Mitch Reiner, this program is engaging and essential. “Learn Money Week offers a way to engage our young professionals and community partners with our kids to impart valuable lessons about money, and let them know that financial education can be fun and engaging – not boring,” says Reiner. 

The group hopes to expand this program next year to multiple schools in the area.

About The Global Shapers: The World Economic Forum has successfully established a history of engaging young leaders to positively and proactively impact the global agenda. In addition to its existing community of Young Global Leaders, who are in their mid to late 30s, the Forum is establishing a special community of young people in their 20s. This new community – the Global Shapers Community – will provide youth with a global platform to shape the future. It will enable youth to be a voice for the future in local, regional and global thought processes and a catalyst of entrepreneurship in the global public interest. To achieve its mission, the Global Shapers Community is built on a network of local hubs located in each major city/region in the world.  Visit for more information or to apply to become a Global Shaper.