CIA’s Investment Committee Shares 10 Forecasts for 2015 with Morningstar

As we near the end of this year’s first quarter, our investment committee shared some predictions for investing and projected outcomes for the rest of 2015. Our committee compiled these predictions into an article shared by our Chief Investment Strategist, Wes Moss.

In this Morningstar article, Moss shares predictions on topics such as: The U.S. economy, stocks and bonds, interest rates, sectors to watch, the European recession and much more.

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Read the original Morningstar article to read details about the list of 10 predictions.

One of our top predictions revolves around the U.S. economy. The economy will slow from the decent pace that closed out 2014, but not completely fall apart. Most likely it will be sufficient to keep corporate earnings and profits growing, and the unemployment rate headed to below the current 5.7%. However, with Japan in recession and the European Union on the verge of one, the U.S. can’t completely decouple from other economies forever. Look for a solid 2015, but not a runaway train.