The Perils Of Market Timing: Missing The Best Days In The Market

2022 has been a rough year for investors. Nearly every corner of the market is in the red — stocks, bonds, commodities, and even gold. It’s reasonable to expect that people are searching for a way to shelter from the storm by pulling money out of the market.  Logical decision-making serves us well in most […]

Why You Should Invest In Companies Not Just Stocks

Roughly five hundred well-established U.S. companies comprise the S&P 500. Each one is held under a microscope every second of every day. Probing eyes scrutinize and analyze each tick of the stock market and assess value according to price. But unfortunately, such intense magnification can prevent us from seeing the bigger picture. There Is a […]

Mitch Reiner Featured In The Wall Street Journal

Her Goal Is to Eliminate Credit-Card Debt in About a Year. Can She Do It? A 32-year-old in Houston has a plan to tackle the debt. A financial adviser suggests some changes to that plan. Trang Dao, a 32-year-old lab tech in Houston, wants to get rid of her credit-card debt. Ms. Dao, who has […]

Understanding The Different Generations With Chris De Santis

Every generation thinks they’ve got it all figured out. The same kids who rebelled against their parents by listening to the “sinful” rock and roll of The Beatles later became moms and dads pleading with their offspring to “turn down that noise” as the sounds of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre emanated from messy, teenager-infested […]

Holly Evans Mallory At Capital Investment Advisors Earns IACCP® Designation

[Atlanta, August 22, 2022] – Capital Investment Advisors’ Holly Evans Mallory has earned the designation of Investment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional® (IACCP®). The designation, which is awarded by NRS Education, the education and professional development division of NRS, a ComplySci company, signals recognition of an advanced knowledge and skill level for investment adviser compliance professionals […]