CIA in the Press

CIA Insights - Market News Grim, Not Dire

After the initial shock of the S&P downgrade, the market will return to focusing on the fundamentals of what companies earn. Hear from CIA's team in Chicago's Northwest Herald for the full story. Read the full Market News Grim article... Read more.


CIA in the Press - Protecting Your Nest Egg from Market Woes

Market goes up, Market goes down. Read our latest article featured in Smart Money to hear about how to protect your nest egg from market woes. Read the full Nest Egg article... Read more.


CIA in the Press - Financial Advisers Have Black Monday Blues

CIA's Chief Operating Officer, Mitch Reiner, discusses the "aftermath" - S&P 500's biggest drop since 2008, the United States downgrade in credit rating, and how this has affected investors.  Read the full Black Monday article... Read more.


CIA in the Press - Investors Jittery Over Debt Crisis

With the upcoming deadline on U.S. debt, CIA's Chief Investment Strategist, Wes Moss, weighs in to shed some light on the topic. Read the full Debt Crisis article... Read more.


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