CIA in the Press

CIA insights - Attention Investors and Investment Advisors!

Our COO, Mitch Reiner, will be presenting "Positioning Your Portfolio to Generate Sustainable Cash Flow" on January 10 in Atlanta from 6.30pm. You can pre-book your tickets on the AAII website. Book your tickets here.... Read more.


CIA in the Press - Wes Moss Featured on 11Alive News

Wes Moss, our Executive Vice President/Chief Investment Strategist was featured on 11Alive news last week. He shared his tips on 'how to be accountable for New Year's goals' - great tips, take a look! Watch the video.... Read more.


CIA insights - Bond Exchange-traded funds

COO, Mitch Reiner, featured in Wall Street Journal article discusses that investors of one of Wall Street's hottest investment products- ETFs- may get see high taxes on capital gains this year. Read full Bond ETFs article... Read more.


CIA in the Press - CIA Featured in Financial Advisor Magazine

In the November issue of Financial Advisor magazine, Mitch Reiner shares tricks and strategies on how investors can benefit from unique income opportunities such as closed-ended funds, master-limited partnerships, energy royalty trusts, REITs, fixed-income ETFs and more. Read the full Withdraw, Don't Retreat article... Read more.


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