Q&A with Brett Noggle

What did you do before joining Capital Investment Advisors?
Prior to joining CIA, I spent over a decade working at an Investor Relations consulting firm where I advised C-suite executives and IR teams on various strategic initiatives to enhance their corporate programs.

What prompted you to pursue a career in wealth management / financial planning?
I have a genuine interest in the financial markets and a passion for helping others and my long-term goal has always been finding a role where these two pieces are intertwined. Joining CIA and becoming a financial advisor felt like the best of both worlds where a rewarding career means making a positive impact on people’s lives.

During the interview process, how did you know Capital Investment Advisors was right for you?
There are many organizations that offer wealth management, so I knew that the decision of where I see myself long-term would come down to company culture. Throughout the interview process I immediately felt the passion and commitment that each advisor had for their clients. It wasn’t just about the numbers but about getting to know each individual and using that information to craft a customized portfolio.

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What does a typical day look like as an Investment Associate?
No single day as an Investment Associate is the same, however, primary responsibilities include supporting senior advisors with rebalancing, trading, and portfolio construction. In addition to supporting existing clients, meeting with prospects, and creating financial plans, a big part of the role is getting first-hand experience. In order to immerse yourself in the role and gain that first-hand experience, a lot of time is also spent shadowing advisors and sitting in on client meetings.

How do Investment Associates collaborate with the Advisors? Investment team?
The investment committee, which I sit on with the other Advisors, meets bi-weekly where discussions around current events in the market and economy unfold and we discuss investment ideas. During the weeks without an Investment Committee meeting, a smaller, more informal meeting to talk about current events takes place.

What drives you professionally? What areas of your role do you find most fulfilling?
One of the most fulfilling parts of my role is being able to instill confidence in a soon to be retiree that their retirement needs will be met. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to work with individuals and see them meet their short and long-term goals to become a “happy retiree”.

What is your favorite thing about working at Capital Investment Advisors?
For me, it comes down to the sense of camaraderie and culture at CIA. Rather than a feeling of cutthroat competition, everyone wants their counterparts to succeed. This company is a place where each employee becomes family and success is fostered. Everyone here is always answering any questions I may have and doing whatever they can to help me succeed.