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We help our clients Sleep Well At Night (SWAN) by managing their portfolio with a mix of income producing investments for cash flow needs and growth investments for capital appreciation.


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In addition to managing your investments, we make sure that every other facet of your financial picture is taken care of, including:


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Dear Clients and Friends,

Among the many concerns to investors throughout February, sequestration topped the list as we approached the March 1st deadline. The impact of sequestration was portrayed as being "catastrophic" by many media outlets and even the President himself.

The rhetoric was meant to scare people, rather than educate them. And sequestration was used to position people politically, rather than negotiate effectively. All of this was unintended consequences of these cuts. Unfortunately, this political selfishness tends to have other unintended consequences in the form of impacting individual's retirement savings. This time, though, markets reacted differently and flirted with all-time highs as politicians postured for positioning in the 2014 elections and, despite the paralysis in Washington, investors' confidence ticked higher.

Markets are great leading indicators for investors and the one thing that we all need to remember is that markets tend to look further ahead than individuals do. Thus, when someone believes they know exactly what will cause the markets to correct (i.e., sequestration on March 1st or fiscal cliff December 31st) it tends to be wrong. Rather, it is the unforeseen events that lead to market corrections and these could come off of some of those known events like sequestration, but they don't tend to be the events that fill the media headlines months in advance.

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Wes Moss Comments on Rising Gas Prices in Metro Atlanta
Wes Moss was recently featured on 11Alive News to comment on the outlook for gas in metro Atlanta. The metro Atlanta average for regular gasoline dipped slightly this in mid-February to $3.78 a gallon, according to AAA. Over the past month, gas prices have jumped almost 50 cents. Read More

Reiner Comments on Securities Lending by ETFs
A recent lawsuit against iShares has raised a lot of concerns from investors. Specifically, several pension funds are suing iShares and alleging that the company took excessive profits from securities lending. The suit claims that iShares made $397 million in securities lending fees in 2011 and $157 throughout 2011, keeping 40% of those profits for itself. Read More

Question of the Month


Our question this month comes from a radio listener who writes: I am going to be 69 in March and retiring from state employment. I will be receiving approximately $3000 per month in pension and social security. I have around $22,000 in an IRC 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. What will be better: to withdraw all or rollover into an IRA, and where should I invest this money?

CIA: Assuming that you don't need the $22,000 immediately, it would be best to roll it into an IRA where you will have the ability to invest as you are comfortable. Where to invest will depend on many factors including risk tolerance, age, need for income and other available assets. Assuming you are relatively conservative and are able to live off of the $3,000 per month, at age 69, it would be a good idea to buy a low cost index fund that tracks a broad market. A couple of options we like are IVV, SDY and BND. IVV tracks the overall S&P 500, SDY tracks the dividend payers in the S&P 500 and BND tracks the overall bond market (short, intermediate and long term bonds).



Capital Recap February 2013
  • For the month of February, the markets were very mixed as the Dow fell slightly (0.12%), and the S&P was up slightly (0.31%).
  • Despite the mixed markets, Confidence improved slightly as the Bloomberg consumer comfort reading improved 3.2% in early February and up to nearly 7% by mid-February.
  • In the commodity sector, gold has lost 8.41% since October and platinum has gone up 11.35% year-to-date.
  • At the very end of February, we saw new home sales rise 15.6% from January and pending home sales were up more than expected.
  • As the markets experienced some volatility during the last week of February (the VIX jumped 8.4%) investors seemed to switch, slightly, to the risk off trade.

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